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Virtual Psychotherapy in Ontario

Anxiety, Trauma & ADHD
in Teens and Adults

Therapy that feels authentically you.


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Does it feel like you're constantly at war with yourself? Have you been wishing you could feel more confident? Is it becoming overwhelming to manage expectations that just keep piling up?

Perhaps there's a part of you that longs for change; and another part of you that feels completely terrified by that thought. There's a good reason why you've dealt with things a certain way, and it's gotten you to where you are today, but maybe now, it no longer suits the life you want to lead. You're tired of hiding, placing everyone else's needs above your own and trying to be perfect all the time.

We welcome all parts of you into the therapy space and provide a safe place for teens & adults to find inner peace, create balance, and make sense of their lives, so they can move forward in a way that feels true to themselves.


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Who We Are

Helping people lead authentic lives.

Clients come to us looking to feel more comfortable in their own skin, break free from old habits, find a sense of balance, heal from the past, or simply to feel heard. 

We offer: 

  • a safe space to make sense of your experiences and orient your future

  • a collaborative approach, geared towards your needs

  • practical coping strategies and deep inner work to support meaningful change in your life 

What We Do

Psychotherapy for Adults

We specialize in supporting adults to regain a sense of confidence in themselves, find inner peace and make sense of their past, so they can move forward with tools & deeper understanding to live a meaningful life. We support you with a variety of issues, including:

Adult ADHD

PTSD / Childhood Trauma

Relationship Issues

Anxiety & Burnout



Psychotherapy for Teens

We help teens find new ways to cope, so they can feel less overwhelmed, gain confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skin. We help teens find balance, by equipping them with practical tools and a deeper understanding of themselves. Areas of support include:


Relationship Issues

Anxiety & Depression

Self-esteem & Body-image


School Issues


How We Support You


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.


Feeling like your therapist 'gets you' is so important. We'll discuss your needs, answer your questions & make sure we're a good match!


Get the personalized support you need.

We'll bring awareness to the root of the challenges you're facing to support your holistic well-being through practical coping strategies and deep inner work.


Find balance & fulfillment in your life and in your relationships.

Foster balance in your relationships, making connections between past and present, and feel empowered to handle the challenges life throws your way.