Therapy for Adults with ADHD in Ontario

Are you tired of trying to stay 'on-top' of things?

Maybe you recently got a diagnosis or you're questioning whether you might have ADHD. Perhaps it's feeling like there's never enough time in a day to get it all done or your life feels like it's spinning out of control. You might feel like a walking contradiction, like you're driven, passionate and maybe even perfectionistic but the opportunies to catch a breath feel far and few between lately. 

Whatever it is that you're experiencing, you're beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of your life:

  • Questioning yourself and wondering how other people seem to 'do it all'.

  • Judging yourself if you notice you weren't paying attention. 

  • Lacking energy to engage in tasks you need to do, let alone things you really enjoy.


Therapy for ADHD can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can regain a sense of control over your life. You can feel less overwhelmed. You can feel more balanced. And we can help you find ways to get there.

Therapy for ADHD helps you do 3 things:

  • Find new ways to deal with life in a way that makes sense for you.

  • Access the supports you need, including to obtain a psychiatric assessment for diagnosis & pharmaceutical recommendations.

  • Develop skills to manage emotions and overwhelming thoughts.

We'll help through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. Our approach to therapy for ADHD comes from a place of understanding: believing that life can be overwhelming and sometimes we need to find new tools to cope with the challenges we're facing.

Let's take this next step together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are therapy sessions for ADHD like?

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, you’re contemplating getting a diagnosis or you’ve been diagnosed for a long time, we’re here to support you.


We provide:

  • Practical strategies to manage the specific challenges you're facing.

  • Process your experiences and your past, offering a safe space to just be you as you make sense of it all, at a pace that feels comfortable for you. 

  • Provide access to psychiatrists through Psychotherapy Matters, who are able to provide a diagnosis and pharmaceutical recommendations.

Q: How long do I need to be in therapy?

Duration of treatment for clients seeking services for Adult ADHD can vary depending on personal goals and needs. We recommend starting with weekly or bi-weekly sessions to get used to the flow of therapy. The duration of treatment will be an on-going conversation that we'll have throughout the course of our time together. Your needs and goals are of utmost importance!


 Q: How do I know if Therapy for ADHD will work for me?

While there are no guarantees, there are several factors that indicate whether therapy for ADHD could work for you. Clients who seek out our services are ready to make some changes in their lives, and they are ready to experience a sense of relief from overwhelming thoughts. 

 Q: How do we get started?

During the complimentary consultation, we'll determine if our services are a good fit to help you reach your goals. In the first session, we'll spend time looking at how ADHD might be contributing to the challenges you're facing and explore the types of changes you would like to experience in your life.