Services for Teens

Is your teen experiencing a lot of anxiety and distress about school? Are you noticing that your teen is having a hard time navigating friendships and relationships? 

During our teens, we're supposed to find our place in the world, make decisions and discover who we want to be - it's no small feat for a few short years ! Our goal is to support your teen to create balance amidst uncertainty, we offer talk therapy and counselling for teens and tailor our approach to fit the needs and preferences of each individual. 


Anxiety & School Issues

You may have noticed your teen coming to you more and more often with their worries, whether that's about school, their grades, their friends, or their job. Perhaps they're feeling nervous about an upcoming transition to middle school or highschool.



You may have been noticing your teen is having a hard time getting organized, they might spend hours on their homework, trying to make sure they 'get it right'. Your teen might have a formal diagnosis or you/they may be suspecting the presence of ADHD.


Self-esteem & Body-image

Lately, you might have noticed a change in your teen's relationship with food or they're anxious about their appearance. Your teen might compare themselves to others or shut down in social situations. 


Family & Peer Relationships

Your relationship with your teen may have grown tense, there's more arguing, and the household feels a little chaotic lately. You might have noticed they're struggling to make or keep their friendships. 

Let's Work Together

During the complimentary consultation, we invite both parent and teen to ask questions and explore next steps!